Thursday, November 11, 2010

my bestie part IV

we cover our faces with a tie

i look like power ranger ha-ha-ha

huh ?? she wanna kiss me ? oh no, i'm normaaaaal !

you wanna see more picts ? click here to see more : here !

my bestie part III

i try to look more cute hahaha

i try to look more cute (again) uhm..

whether we've seen like power ranger ? hehehe

covering our face with hands haha

I want to eat Fannie

my bestie part II

look on fannie's eyes. is it cool eyes ? do you agree ?

just showed our silliness hohoho

fannie looks little shy hohoho

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@stephannieputri and me @liviationauly
xoxo ♥♥

me and my bestie part I

it's my bestie Stephannie Tri Putri and me Livia Tionauly.
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@stephannieputri and me @liviationauly

Friday, November 5, 2010

i'm back

hello i'm back after a loooooong time no post haha. today, i'm changing my own blogger. i hope you always like it :D bye.